Debadge a Car

Give your car a fresh look with this easy de-badging technique.


Car emblems are glued on with some powerful adhesive. Removing them is a tough task, but sometimes those dealership tags are just too much. Luckily for you, the residue left behind by emblems is easy to remove with Goo Gone Automotive.

How to Remove a Car Emblem

  1. Loosen the adhesive on the emblem using a hair dryer
  2. Use fishing wire to pull underneath the emblem. Shimmy it across until the emblem is dislodged from the car.
  3. Pour Goo Gone Automotive onto a towel
  4. Rub, in circular motions, on the adhesive until it is removed. Repeat as necessary.
  5. Wash area with soapy water to remove any residue left behind.


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