Katie Sullivan is the founder of Pretty Domesticated, where she chronicles her family’s adventures and misadventures in decorating and daily life, with lot of fresh and honest tricks along the way. For a daily dose of DIY and family fun, follow her on Instagram at @prettydomesticated.

We're pretty Domesticated. As in despite our knack for transforming a room, on a day-to-day basis we don't have it completely together. Behind every after image, is a whole lot of mess. Thanks to social media, it seems like everyone is just snapping their fingers and voila, they have a perfectly painted, furnished and accessorized space. No matter how it appears that's not the case, but we do have a few secret weapons behind the scenes. My choice for tackling even the toughest messes found in home renovations to DIYs is Goo Gone's new Heavy Duty Clean Up Wipes. I'm looking at you paint.

There have been times we’ve been so deep in construction messes, I never thought we’d wipe, vacuum and scrub our way out of them, and there is no mess I hate more than paint. We recently used a sprayer to paint our son’s bedroom green and let’s just say it didn’t go as well as planned. In several spaces our tape didn’t hold, and green paint ended up on surfaces they didn’t belong, including the interior framing of the window and the door hardware. I picked up Goo Gone’s Heavy Duty Clean Up Wipes and tackled the mess in minutes. You can pick them up at all major retailers and online on Amazon.

First, I tackled the door hardware. It took seconds. While I was tackling paint, Heavy Duty Cleanup Wipes can be used to safely remove sticky, gummy gooey messes throughout your home. It’s tough on paint, grease, dirt and grime, and is safe on multiple surfaces including floors, vinyl, metal, appliance, outdoor furniture and more. I had to be a little careful when wiping down the hardware to not remove paint from the door, but with just a little bit of focus on my end it was no problem.

Next I moved on to the window. The inside of our window is made out of a veneered composite material, so we opted to not paint it and painted only the wood trim. Unfortunately, our painter’s tape did not stick as we had hoped. Instead of a crisp line, we ended up with a sloppy line and lots of unwanted paint on the veneer surface. To remedy, I used painter’s tape to create the line I had intended. Then I used a heavy-duty wipe to clean up the excess. The multi-purpose wipes are oversized and strong, so they don’t tear when tackling even the toughest messes. I quickly used a wipe to clean up the paint on the windowsill too, and I’m happy to say the finished result is much crisper. The mess is finally gone, and this bedroom is ready for the final details. Even when I’m not prepping for my next reveal, I keep Goo Gone’s Heavy Duty Clean Up Wipes on standby.

My two-year-old might just be the next great graffiti artist. Just yesterday, I used one to clean up my shutters. So far, he hasn’t tagged a spot I couldn’t fix with my multi-purpose wipes and believe me he has tried!