1. So Long, Stickers

    It seems like everything you buy comes with stubborn, miserable price stickers. Most of the time they’re stuck in the worst possible spot too. We wish it weren’t so, but luckily Goo Gone Spray Gel can help. Watch the video to see how easy sticker removal can be.
  1. Remove Gum from Carpet

    Remove Gum from Carpet

    It’s been five seconds and that gum is officially entrenched in the carpet. An epic pop led to an immediate drop. Naturally, the gum found its way right into the fibers of the carpet. Don’t worry, Goo Gone has you covered.
  2. Precise Glue Removal

    When you need precision in removing adhesives then look no further than Goo Gone On the Go Pen. It's perfect for artists who work frequently with glue. Watch the video to see it in use.
  3. Remove Wood Glue

    Remove Wood Glue

    Simply put, wood glue gets the job done. When it comes time to remove any wood glue, unsurprisingly, it becomes quite a chore. Luckily for you, Goo Gone does its job of removing that glue easily.
  4. Clear Glass of Glue & Residue

    Clear Glass of Glue & Residue

    See the steps it takes to remove glue (and residue) from glass including mirrors, windows and wine bottles. It's only 4 easy steps to completely clear your glass of glue and residue.
  5. Removing Stubborn Tar from a Car

    Goo Gone Automotive Spray Gel makes removing stubborn tar from a car easier. Just spray, wipe and wash. Watch the video and follow the instructions to see how.

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