1. How to Remove Floor Adhesive

    Removing tough, stuck-on floor adhesive is a tough job. But it's a lot easier with Goo Gone Pro-Power Spray Gel. Watch the video to see how easy it really is and click for full instructions.
  2. How to Remove Scuff Marks

    In this video Lou Manfredini shows you the easiest way to remove scuff marks from hardwood floors with Goo Gone Pro-Power. Click for full instructions and to see how easy Goo Gone makes the clean up.
  3. Remove Duct Tape Residue

    Remove Duct Tape Residue

    Goo Gone Pro-Power makes removing duct tape, even old duct tape, easier than ever. Now, you'll have two tools to fix everything! Learn more and see full instructions for removal.
  4. Remove Carpet Glue

    Remove Carpet Glue

    We've designed Goo Gone Pro-Power to handle the hardest jobs, including removing carpet glue. Make sure you buy enough for the whole project! Learn more and see full instructions.
  5. Remove Wood Glue

    Remove Wood Glue

    Simply put, wood glue gets the job done. When it comes time to remove any wood glue, unsurprisingly, it becomes quite a chore. Luckily for you, Goo Gone does its job of removing that glue easily.

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