1. Goodbye Bumper Stickers

    A bumper sticker declares to the world your most cherished idea, hobby or team. Then life happens and more important things surface. Suddenly that bumper sticker just doesn’t quite scream you. That's ok, it's easy to remove with Goo Gone Automotive.
  2. Bird Poop: Fly the Coop

    Bird droppings on your car, nasty. We'll show you the easy steps to remove bird droppings with Goo Gone Automotive Spray Gel.
  3. Debadge a Car

    Debadge a Car

    Car emblems are glued on with some powerful adhesive. Removing them is a tough task, but sometimes those dealership tags are just too much. Luckily for you, the residue left behind by emblems is easy to remove with Goo Gone Automotive.
  4. Removing Stubborn Tar from a Car

    Goo Gone Automotive Spray Gel makes removing stubborn tar from a car easier. Just spray, wipe and wash. Watch the video and follow the instructions to see how.

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