How to Remove Caulk

Home Improvement Expert Lou Manfredini explains the best way to remove caulk.

Instructions for Removing Caulk from a Tub

If you’re like us, you enjoy being the designated DIY guy or gal in the house. It might cost you some of your time, but it sure won’t cost you the money of hiring someone. Home projects such as renovating your shower are ones that you excel at, however these types of projects can get very time consuming, especially when it comes to caulk removal.

Don’t worry, Goo Gone is here for you to save time and elbow grease with our Caulk Remover spray. Goo Gone’s Caulk Remover breaks down the sealant so all you need to do is pull it away

How to Remove Caulk from a Shower

  1. Remove as much of the sealant as possible by wiping with a clean, white terry cloth or paper towel.
  2. Apply Goo Gone Caulk Remover directly to the sealant and wait 60 seconds.
  3. Using a plastic putty knife, gently remove the sealant.
  4. After using the putty knife, use a nylon brush to scrub away the remaining residue.
  5. Clean the area with soap and water after.

Additional Tips

  • Before re-caulking, be sure to wait until the surface is completely dry.
  • Smaller nylon brushes work best for caulk removal, especially in corners.

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