Goo Gone Original Spray Gel

Drip-free is the way to be. Goo Gone Spray Gel clings to stains and sticky messes while protecting the surface below.

Works on gum, crayon, adhesive, adhesive residue, glue

Safe for surfaces — Learn More



  • Carpet
  • Finished Wood
  • Sealed Stone
  • Painted Surfaces
  • Glass
  • Fabric
  • Metals
  • Plastics
  • Ceramic / Porcelain

Perfect for cleaning: glasses, area rugs, walls

Do not use on: silk, leather, suede, rubber, faux stainless steel, drywall, unfinished wood surfaces, unsealed stone


Pre-test on an inconspicuous area. Do not use on silk, leather, suede or rubber.

Hard Surfaces

  1. Apply Goo Gone.
  2. Wipe.
  3. Wash with hot soapy water.
  4. For extra gooey messes, let sit 5–10 minutes.

Carpet & Upholstery

  1. Apply Goo Gone to clean white cloth.
  2. Gently blot stain.
  3. Clean area with soap and water.

Clothing: Do not treat clothing while wearing

  1. Apply Goo Gone to stain.
  2. Blot with clean white cloth.
  3. Launder separately using extra detergent.



Can I use this on cars?

Yes, you can! Just test on an inconspicuous area before using it in full. After you’re done, wash the area with hot, soapy water. Watch this demo video on how to remove stickers from glass for more information.

Can I use this in my dryer?

Yes, but be careful. Apply the Spray Gel to a cloth first, then use it to remove the adhesive. After you’re done, wash the area with hot, soapy water and allow it to dry.

What is the difference between Spray Gel and Goo Gone Original?

The Spray Gel formula is designed specifically to cling to stains and vertical surfaces, making it a versatile adhesive remover.

What does this product smell like?

It has a pleasant, citrus scent.

Can I use this on clothes?

Yes you can use Goo Gone Spray Gel on clothes. However, don’t use this product while you’re wearing the clothes. Launder the clothes shortly after application with extra detergent.

Can I use this on Plasti Dip?

Yes you can! It’s most effective at removing the residue left behind from peeling Plasti Dip off. However, if left to sit on rubber, it can break the rubber down.

Does Goo Gone Spray Gel remove paint?

No, Goo Gone Original is safe on painted surfaces. That means it won't remove the paint. But, our Latex Paint Clean-Up Spray and Wipes will remove paint.


Size: 12 fl. oz. of no-mess spray gel