Goo Gone Rust Remover

Don't let a little rust get in the way of your new paint job, use Goo Gone Rust Remover. It's great at eliminating household rust, making your surface paint-ready!

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  • Metals
  • Ceramic / Porcelain
  • Glass

Perfect for cleaning: aluminum, chrome and steel

Do not use on: natural stone, granite, marble, quartz, soapstone, quartzite, slate, limestone, engineered stone


Do not use on natural stone. Test on a small inconspicuous area before applying to surface.

Before Beginning

  • Remove oil and grease from the metal to be treated.
  • Rinse the metal to break and wash away loose dirt.
  • Apply the remover by brush, spray or dipping. Use plastic, glass or stainless steel containers.
  • Disassemble units composed of removable parts before cleaning. Clean and allow to dry before reassembling.

Dissolving rust from iron or steel:

Apply the remover as required to penetrate rust. Cleaning time will vary according to the rust. Light rust will usually be dissolved in 15 minutes or less. Heavy rust will require up to 30 minutes and may require a second application.

Dissolving rust from aluminum/chrome:

Apply the remover to wet surface. Allow time to clean then rinse away with clean water and buff dry with a cloth.

Galvanizing: Where surface is unbroken treat as directed for aluminum. When rust is showing at the surface treat as directed for iron and steel. New galvanizing is prepared for painting by applying the remover, allowing 3-5 minutes to work, and wiping the surface clean.

Bathroom/Shower/Toilet cleaner: Dissolves most calcium, lime and other hard water stains on porcelain, tile, fiberglass and glass. Spray remover directly onto surface. Let sit for 5 minutes. Agitation with brush will speed penetration. Rinse away with water when stain is removed.

Auto Cooling Systems: Removes oxides and rust when circulated in the system. When cleaning action is complete flush system with fresh water and refill with coolant.


Size: 24 fl. oz.