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M.M. JR.


I just wanted to say how much I LOVE Goo Gone. I used it for the first time last week and I must say I am thoroughly impressed. I've been detailing cars and installing (and removing) signs for over 15 years now and I've always just used industrial cleaners and chemicals like paint thinner, solvents, prep-sol and even rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover for tough things like tar, decal and sticker residue, glue and labels.

My first encounter with Goo Gone was while helping a family member remove old vinyl graphics from his work trailer. I suggested we use a heat gun to remove the old vinyl - but no matter what we did the old glue residue wasn't coming off with the I suggested what I normally use which would be harsh solvents etc as mentioned above...he said, "The only thing I have is Goo Gone - will that work?" I skeptically said sure we'll try it...

Much to my surprise it worked wonders! We had the whole trailer completely clean of graphics in a few short hours! My fingers weren't raw from chemicals and I didn't need to wear a protective breather mask from the fumes either. Goo Gone smells wonderful and didn't hurt my hands or the painted surface one bit. Needless to say I went out later that day and purchased the Spray Gel and the Pro-Power bottle so I could test them out the next day at work - I was removing an old sign for a client. This residue and glue was even more stubborn than the trailer graphics but the Spray Gel worked it's magic and I had the old stuff off in no time! My client loved the new sign and the quick turnaround time so much she threw in some extra cash for the hard work!

THANKS GOO GONE for an awesome product. It's my new favorite work "tool" - I have it with me at all times. I even have a small bottle in the car! I hope this makes it to your website so everyone can read how wonderful Goo Gone is!


To whom it may concern,

I just had to sit down and write your company about this amazing product. I was shopping recently and picked up this little bottle of "GOO GONE" thinking I would try it to take off the stickers on my new dining chairs (which has proved to be much more difficult that one would think) . I took this little bottle home and to my surprise I dab of it on a rag and a wipe is all it took!! I then looked at the label thinking "What is this stuff?" and noticed it said it would take off crayon marks, having a 2 year old toddler I spend a lot of time cleaning and scrubbing crayon marks, and have given A LOT of money to Mr. Clean and his magic erasers (not so magic) AND once again to my amazement a dab of your product on a rag and be hold it magically is gone without braking my wrist in scrubbing.

I also am the owner of a small office cleaning company "Clean by Office Maids" and since finding this product it is a "staple" in our cleaning carts!! Normally we would be armed with a scrapper to get rid of gummy mess on windows mirrors or even floors but since finding GOO GONE it has made this task not only easier for us but also faster!! So thank you once again for a great product that not only works but also is cost affective!


Dear Sir:

How many ways can I say WOW!!!!!! Your product is F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!! We had set in stains in our carpet and had the carpet professional cleaned. After the carpet was cleaned, the stains remained. Then we used your Goo Gone Spray Gel product on the stains. One minute there were stains in the carpet, one minute they were "GooGone". There aren't enough adjectives in the English language to describe your product: AMAZING, MAGICAL, REMARKABLE, INCREDIBLE, ASTOUNDING, MIRACULOUS; the compliments go on.

As a comforting thought, word of mouth is a powerful tool The staff in my office will sing your praises and if need be, do an Infomercial!


To the People at Goo Gone,

My husband and I have a small cleaning business and I have to tell you how much I love your Goo Gone. It works great taking the sticky goo left from labels. It also works great taking grease off surfaces. The stuff is fabulous, much better than Skin-so-Soft I used before. It doesn't leave the greasy residue as SSS does.

Please keep making your great product so my cleaning jobs will be easier.


To Whom It May Concern:

I recently purchased a bottle of the Citrus Power spray Goo Gone after a neighbor recommended it to me. My son accidentally left a red ink pen in his pocket and needless to say when I washed the shirt it looked like it was ruined. It was an expensive shirt and I didn't want to throw it away so I tried spraying the Goo Gone on it. I washed the shirt again and I couldn't believe it, all the ink stains were gone. I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful product you have. Thanks for making something this good.


Dear Goo Gone:

I have owned a small bottle of Goo Gone (given to me by my sister, who has been happily praising its merits for a few years). I have used it with success on various little sticky things around the house, such as removing price sticker glue.

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to see what it would do on a TERRIBLE mess in my car at a self-service carwash the bay floor was covered with some sort of thick black greasy goop, and unbeknownst to me it was all over the bottoms and sides of my shoes. I got on the mats, next to the mats on the cars' carpeting, and even on the corner of the pale blue upholstery of the driver's seat, and once I realized it wasn't just mud, I had no idea how to clean it. In the kitchen cabinet was Goo Gone, so I tried it, and it worked extremely well on everything in the car. Without Goo Gone, I think my car may never have been the same, but it did such a good job in cleaning carpet, mat and upholstery (without damaging the dye or surface of these things) that everything is like new again.

It's so nice to have a product that actually does what it says it will do. I will promote Goo Gone to my friends and family.


Dear Magic American Corporation:

I have 3 children and hundreds of crayons. Needless to say, I had crayon marks on my walls (in their bedroom) and on their window. I tried cleaning it off with Windex and scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed some more to no avail.

I then tried Goo Gone and without scrubbing at all, the crayon came off!! I was so shocked.

Thank you for making this "miracle" product. It will definitely be used a lot in my household!!!


A quick note in praise of Goo Gone:

I have never had a product that I have found so many uses for. It cuts the oil in the bathtub in such a brief time . . . the body wash and lotion leaves such a residue. It also makes our old chrome fixtures sparkle like new. I also found that it amazingly removed the grease spots from the area rug in our kitchen.

Many, many thanks for a product that really shortens my house hold chores!!!


Dear Sirs:

I just wanted to share my experience with Goo Gone. I purchased a bottle of it because I wanted to remove a plastic shelf from a fiberglass shower. When I pulled the shelf off, it broke into 3 pieces because it was stuck so hard. It had been on the shower for over 20 years. The adhesive was 1/8" thick in places and hard as a rock!! I just knew I'd never be able to get that stuff off!

I put Goo Gone on it and let it set for about 30 minutes and then I gently scraped the gunk off with a plastic spatula a little at a time. I repeated this all day long and I couldn't believe how well it worked. It cleaned up beautifully! I was especially impressed with the fact that it doesn't smell harsh. I'm sensitive to smells and chemicals - and there was none of that with Goo Gone!

Thanks for a great product.


Dear Magic American Corporation:

I want to share my newest success story using your absolutely wonderful product, Goo Gone.

A month ago, I washed a light blue cotton dress shirt which had chewing gum still in the pocket. I didn't discover this until it had already been through the dryer. Needless to say, the gum was well baked into the fabric. I started to throw shirt away, but because it was a relatively new shirt, I set it aside.

This morning I tried unsuccessfully to get the chewing gum out of the shirt using ice and a knife to scrape it off. I was just about ready to give up, when I remembered the Goo Gone I had purchased. Even though it didn't list chewing gum on the bottle, I knew it couldn't hurt to try it since the shirt was not wearable, anyway. I poured a generous amount of the Goo Gone on the dried gum and gently rubbed it with my finger and out it came. Every bit of the gum was gone! I was so excited that I had saved the shirt and had discovered another use for your fantastic product that I just had to let you know how much I appreciate your Goo Gone. I will definitely tell my friends and family about this, as I know they will want to have some Goo Gone on hand too.

Thanks again for manufacturing this terrific product. If there are any other ways I might use this product, please let me know.

Sincerely, A Happy Customer,


Dear Magic American,

Just want to tell you what a fine product Goo Gone your company has produced. Since I am running a domestic cleaning service in South Florida, there are numerous occasions I have to clean up tar, gum, make-up, wax, scuff marks and others. In the past, I had used a number of commercial products and there were some success. When I discovered Goo Gone, the whole world changed. It seems like magic when I apply Goo Gone on those problem areas and watch them disappear.

My clients are very pleased with this your fine product and I try to make sure every household has one bottle of Goo Gone at hand. Also when I travel abroad to visit family and friends, I carry some smaller size bottle of Goo Gone to give away as presents. I am sure they will find it works like magic too.

Sometimes I wish there is a bigger than 8. Fl. Oz. Size that I can purchase but I use whatever I can get. Thank you for Goo Gone and I am encouraging your company to continue produce wonderful products such as that. Just want to let you know that I am a satisfied customer of your company. Thanks again.


Dear Magic American:

I wanted to thank you for making Goo Gone. We presently rent a house and our daughter decided to display her artistic talents on her walls. I tried everything to remove the ink and crayon, however nothing worked. I then picked up Goo Gone as a last resort and was thrilled to see it took every bit of ink and crayon off the walls. I will be sure to recommend it to others.

A. (and B.) H.

Dear Sir or Madam:

As I bring pen to hand, I keep asking myself why I even feel the need to write. This is your product you know how incredible it is. But I must tell you.

There is nothing I have tried "Goo Gone" on and been unsuccessful with. Some of those previous cleaning fiascos include (but are by no means limited to) Ruby Red Lipstick on white carpet, those horrible "stuck for life" price tags on all the Christmas Gifts, stuck to shoe chewing gum, and scuff marks on the floors.

My very favorite use I found today and I don't know why it took me so long to think of it.

Our ten year old washer and dryer both came with the extra huge energy stickers on them. A couple of weeks after purchase we were able to pull those stickers off - leaving of course the black tacky mess.

We have tried everything - nail polish remover, alcohol, WD-40, peanut butter, vegetable oil and of course all of the professionally prepared cleaning products. Absolutely nothing worked - in fact a few things we tried made it even worse. With Goo Gone® it was gone in seconds with no trace of ever having been there.

Along with the cleaning power go the pleasant scent and the price/quantity ratio in making your Goo Gone the best product of its type on the market. We have seen ½-ounce bottles with a little scraper attached to the lid selling on TV for 4 times your price on 8 ounces. A much better buy for the money, and "Goo Gone" is easy on the elbow grease.

Money is very important to us. I broke my back in 95 and my husband had heart failure in 97. I use a wheelchair and walker. My husband will eventually need a heart transplant. We live on Social Security and we are 48 years old. We are not physically able to do hands and knees scrubbing and we are not financially able to waste our money. With Goo Gone we do neither. We get a great product at a great price. We check our supply before each grocery trip. I would panic if I went to the cabinet for the Goo Gone and it wasn't there or the bottle was empty.

I have told everyone (and shown several people) how wonderful it is. I have even sent one to my daughter in Richard, VA and my daughter in Shepherdsville, KY. They LOVE it also.

Please, please continue to make and sell Goo Gone®. I would be lost without it. I use it almost daily for some little chore. I would also welcome a list of the other products made by Magic American Corporation. I am sure that they are excellent products as well.

Thank you.


Dear Magic American,

Normally I write a letter to a company when I am unhappy with a product. This is the first time I am writing to a company because I am thrilled with their products.

Two days ago, I drove through what appears to have been an oil spill. My silver colored car was covered in a brown colored substance. I thought washing the car would eliminate the brown, but no such luck. I tried scrubbing. The brown dirt would not disappear. No matter what household or car cleaning product I had, I could not remove the brown substance. I then began to compound the car. With a tremendous amount of elbow grease I was able to remove a small amount of the brown substance. Since this was over both sides of the car, some of the front and rear and embedded in the scratches, I was completely overwhelmed with the amount of time and energy it was going to take to restore my car to its original condition.

I called my husband to complain and vent when he suggested I use the Goo Gone. I immediately took it out to the car, rubbed it on the car and the brown substance wiped off as if it were merely a water spill. I was shocked and delighted. Within 10 minutes my car was silver again!

Your product is a spectacular one and I will be sure to share this story with our friends.

Thank you for saving my arms from complete muscle exhaustion!


Dear Customer Service:

It was a pleasure talking to you on the phone a few days ago.

I am truly Goo Goo over Goo Gone. I saw the commercial on television but the entire line was too expensive for me to purchase at the time. Imagine my surprise when I found it in the hardware store a few days later. I just had to try it.

What a wonderful surprise. I cleaned my stove, sink, oven, hood range, anything with grease on it in a wink. The ultimate test was my 20+ kitchen floor. I have scrubbed that floor, on my hands and knees, with a scrub brush with everything from bleach to Tide. I had company over (all with work boots) and when they left the floor was a mess - grease and plenty of scuff marks. I used Goo Gone and the ruff side of a scrubber sponge and I couldn't believe my eyes - everything came right up EASILY. If it would have been a commercial I would have sworn it was faked - that's how good it was - in fact it was so good my husband noticed!!

The ultimate test will be my son's socks - he tends to get rocks in his shoes, takes them off and forgets to put them back on, usually I just throw the socks away. Of course, I can't try Goo Gone until I purchase another bottle. My husband took mine and I need to try and get it back from him.

This truly is a wonderful product.


Dear Magic American,

I'm writing you this letter to let you know how much I love your Goo Gone. I have found it to be an amazing product. I use it to take spots off my couch, food and other stains out of my carpet, tar out of my car interior, and even tree sap from my car exterior.

But what prompted me to write to you was a job that I had recently where Goo Gone wasn't my first thought. We had been using a coal tar solution in my daughter's bath to treat some minor skin problems. The coal tar left stains in our tub that simply would not come out. I tried a number of different cleaning products on the stains - Comet, Dow Bathroom Cleaner, and even bleach - and nothing worked. I then remembered how well Goo Gone worked on other stains and decided to give it a try for these. It took the stains right out!!! I love this product.

Keep making Goo Gone because we keep finding uses for it!


Re: Goo Gone - What a Product!!

Thank you so much for the return call on my message to you concerning Goo Gone. I will take just a moment to attempt to express what a WONDERFUL product Magic American has created.

I had a white blouse in my closet that I had not been able to wear for months as it had a grease spot on the front of it from a food spill. While I was doing my routine shopping in our neighborhood SAK-N-SAVE in Mesquite, I spotted your product on the shelf. It had such a lively name that I picked the bottle up to read the label. Afterward, I thought - well, if it works I will have saved a small fortune in clothing replacements alone.

I took my little bottle of Goo Gone home - and did not wait another minute to try it on that blouse. I simply could not believe that anything would work so quickly and so completely to remove such an old stain - and caused by grease, no less. Please do not think that I did not get on the telephone to call my family and friends, especially those with babies (this product works on baby food stains, too).

I was at my brother's house just two weeks ago and he was telling me that he and his wife were going to have to find something to remove the tape adhesive from their front door as it had left such ugly marks. Well, I immediately told him, wait - before you spend a whole lot of money on something you don't need, I've got a product that will fix those door stains!! I told him all about how, by that time, Goo Gone was usually located real close to my hand if I was at home, because I was always finding a grease spot here or tape marks there - "this stuff really works," I said. He was off to the store to find himself a bottle.

It is quite rare that I find a product I can truly say I enjoy using because it works so well. That is how your company ended up with a telephone call on Sunday afternoon. Keep it commin' and I'll be a buying' - along with lots of friends and relatives.


Dear Sirs:

Just a note to express how much I like your product, Goo Gone.

I use it often and in areas where I wouldn't trust other products. Its best quality, I believe, is its gentleness and effectiveness!

I tell many others of your product - It is really great!


To Whom It May Concern:

I just had to write to let you know that Goo Gone saved the day once again. What a wonderful product!

My daughter used a wax removal product on her legs and thought she had it all removed before putting on a pair of pants. I laundered them as usual and was ironing them when I discovered wax coming through the pants from the inside out everywhere! I was extremely disappointed to say the least. I didn't know what to do. Pressing a paper towel on the spots and ironing them didn't help. I was ready to throw out the pants when I spotted my container of Goo Gone. I read the label and thought, "This might do the trick."

I followed the directions on the label, and was amazed at how fast the spots disappeared. Some areas needed more than one treatment. But with the exception of one small spot, al of the wax residue disappeared. I am happy to say that the pants look like new again.

I am glad that this product is in my home!


Just wanted to rave about Goo Gone. Getting labels off has been a bother to me for years. In fact, sometimes I won't buy items if I can't easily remove the sticker while I've in the store. Well, with that in mind, I was shocked to see that I had left more than 30 pieces of plastic picnic dishes in the garage for more than a year "with the stickers on." The summer temperature in the garages gets to 120° -- I was doomed - ready to trash the stuff rather than spend the morning failing to get all the sticky stuff off.

Goo Gone to the rescue. It's wonderful. All the dishes were perfect in one easy try in just minutes. Frankly, the enjoyment of this experience was "better than sex." I was exhilarated all day.

Thanks for a great product,


I have never heard of Goo Gone, my sister recommended it. I was very impressed. I had removed carpeting from my home, there were marks on the floor that looked like tile had been there. I used the Goo Gone and it cleaned up the old glue too. Incredible. Thank you.


I just want to thank you for the best product I have ever used. Goo Gone is and always will be in my home.
Thanks again.


To The Developers of Goo Gone Cleaner,

I am a 37 year old mother with 2 kids (a boy and a girl) and I wanted to let you know that your product "Goo Gone Cleaner" ROCKS! Do you know why it Rocks? Not for the typical reasons you would think .... no, I think it is the most amazing product because my daughter (who has very long, curly blonde hair) got GUM tangled in it in the most horrifying way.

I couldn't even begin to think how I was going to get this horrible bright pink gum out of her massive amounts of hair without a trip to the hair salon (and it was stuck up to the scalp, let me tell you). Anyhow, in desperation I pulled out my little and 'sacred' tube of Goo Gone knowing I had nothing to lose and wouldn't you know ... SUCCESS!!!!!!

I couldn't believe how easily (no yanking or pulling through all that hair on a whimpering and crying little girl - who cherishes her hair above all else) it pulled that gum right out of her hair. You guys are absolutely brilliant!!!!! You saved my daughters hair by developing this totally amazing product.

I have now told EVERYONE I know about what your Goo Gone Cleaner did and can do. Since then, Goo Gone has become a permanent part in a couple of the classrooms at their school - you know, just -in-case.

Keep up the great work and again, I can't thank you enough!

Marcia M.

Hello. I've had Goo Gone around my house for ages. I've used it to remove labels on jars I plan to re-cycle or save. HOWEVER, this week-end I found just how wonderful a product it is. We're remodeling our kitchen and I was having trouble finding canister sets to go with the new decor, so I decided to paint the ones I have. Of course, the only paint I could find that came close to matching the color I wanted and would work on the stainless steel canisters was spray paint. So, I removed all the hardware and took them outside, painted them and stood them upside down to dry. When I went out to give them a 2nd coat, I noticed that I had over sprayed INSIDE the canisters. So, I went in search of something I had to remove it without damaging the insides. I sprayed some Goo Gone on a rag, and wiped the inside edge, thinking the whole time that I would probably have to use a scratch pad. Well, with one swipe of the Goo Gone sprayed rag, THE PAINT WAS COMING OFF!

To avoid over spraying on the 2nd coat, I put my hand inside and turned the canister upside down...of course that didn’t ELIMINATE the over spray, just put it on my arm! So, spritz some more GOO GONE on my rag, and WIPED THE PAINT AWAY AND OFF MY ARM!

I've always enjoyed using GOO GONE but now I'm actually EXCITED ABOUT IT!

Julie M.

I just had to email you about my recent experience with your product "Goo Gone". I have been a loyal customer for many years mainly using it in the laundry for food grease stains (i.e. pizza, butter, french fries) that my boys tend to get all over their clothes. So I knew it worked well but I didn't know how well until my 6 year old, who likes to look for "cool" rocks on the playground decided to put some that were covered with some sort of tar in his pocket. Of course I should check his pockets and didn't-- now I will! I washed these rocks and then put them in the dryer. The entire full load of laundry was covered in black tar or grease that apparently melted and baked into the clothes. I thought the entire load was ruined. Just on a whim I sprayed as many areas of the tar on the clothes as I could and used a toothbrush to get at the really gooped up areas and washed the clothes in hot, hot water. I couldn't believe that 90% of the black was gone and what wasn't gone completely was barely noticeable! A few pillowcases and white T-shirts were not salvagable but the rest of the load is fine! You can be sure that I will be telling all my friends about this "miracle". Thanks for the great product!

Pat R.

Hi, I just wanted to tell you about my first and only experience with Goo Gone.

I was playing ball with my little dog this afternoon and the ball hit a 16 oz. jar of candle that was sitting on a candle warmer, over went the jar and the liquid wax went all over my table and down the white sheetrock wall and onto the carpet. I was in a panic, I tried a bottle of mean green and all it did was side down the wall onto the carpet. Then I remembered a bottle of Goo Gone that my daughter had told me about, so I grabbed it and started spraying and to my amazement the wax just disappeared off the wall ,I sprayed it on the carpet and rubbed the wax right off of it. I was totally amazed at the results. I just wanted to let you know that I will never be without a bottle of Goo Gone in my house from now on. The stuff is GREAT.


Doris F.

For the zillionth time and when I told my boyfriend I LOVE my Goo Gone he said 'you should tell them!' and he's right.

I LOVE my Goo Gone and thank you for making a terrific product. I've told so many people about how terrific Goo Gone is but I've never told if you didn't know.

Cheryl A.


I am sure you have heard this before, but I Love Goo Gone. Last week I purchased some drinking glasses from JC Penney’s. There was a label on the bottom of the glass that had glue strong enough to cement two bricks together. I tried soaking them over night, using ammonia, using a mild scrub sponge and nothing worked. My co-worker suggested I try the Goo Gone that we have in the office. I put a little and let sit for 2 minutes and the glue came off without any hassle. I love the pleasant scent and it is so easy to use. I will definitely purchase some to have at home.

Thank you for making such a wonderful product.

Whitney T.

I wasn't sure who to send this too, but I wanted the company to know how pleased I am with this product. I was running late to work so I decided to put on my makeup at work. I spilled liquid foundation all over my clothes, and was of course working alone so I could not run home and change. I have had makeup ruin many clothes because it does not come out. So I figured why not get goo gone a shot. I mean, my clothes were already ruined. To me surprise, goo gone tokk the makeup completely out of my skirt and shirt! What a lifesaver!